Scott Rose is the President of ScottWorld. Scott started programming computers at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since! He was also a Contributing Editor for Mac|Life Magazine and spoke for Apple at their major events. In his free time, he creates tech-related comedy videos.

FileMaker Pro

Since 1992, ScottWorld has provided award-winning, professional FileMaker Pro development & top-notch FileMaker consulting. We are certified FileMaker Pro developers based in Austin, Texas. We create the best custom database systems for businesses all over the country.


For over 15 years, Scott has been giving captivating, thought-provoking, and inspirational speeches on a variety of topics: technology, careers, liberty, and Bitcoin. Most famously, Scott traveled around the country with Apple for 6 years, speaking at all their major events.


Bitcoin Consulting

As of 2014, ScottWorld now offers professional Bitcoin consulting, guidance & training, along with expert Bitcoin-FileMaker integration.


As general manager of a niche retail store, it’s very important to me that our invoicing, purchasing, and inventory systems are user-friendly and accurate. ScottWorld built our first system in 1994, and we’ve been building and improving on that foundation ever since — a real testament to ScottWorld’s creativity and forward thinking! ScottWorld’s competence is matched only by their patience, humor, and willingness to help. Many things have changed in the last two decades, but ScottWorld’s dedication to our business has remained constant.
— Terri Hartman, General Manager of Liz's Antique Hardware
ScottWorld Client Since 1994