About ScottWorld

Steve Jobs and Scott Rose, working together in 2001. For 6 years, Scott worked with Steve Jobs and the Apple Executive Team as one of Apple's top professional speakers nationwide.

Scott Rose, CGO (Chief Geek Officer) of ScottWorld, is a technology whiz kid and a Mensa member. He is a certified professional FileMaker Pro developer, an expert Airtable programmer, and a public speaker who spoke for Apple for 6 years.

While running ScottWorld, Scott was also a contributing editor of Mac|Life Magazine for 3 years, where he wrote cover stories, feature articles, and even had his own monthly column answering technical questions from readers around the country. Yes, Scott was essentially the "Dear Abby" of computer geeks!

In Scott’s free time, he creates tech-related comedy videos on his YouTube channel, and he performs in improvised narrative plays at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas.

Scott is probably most famous for playing the Apple Fanatic in his hit comedy video series, Shit Apple Fanatics Say (Part 1 and Part 2), which went viral with over 3 million views and has been talked about extensively in the technology news. Scott was featured in The Huffington PostFortune Magazine, The Washington Post, Mashable (twice!), Gizmodo, Ken Segall's Observatory, 9 to 5 Mac, and many more sites across the web.

In 2019, Scott launched his new website The Inspirational Nerd, which focuses on his public speaking and coaching services. Scott offers coaching for public speakers, keto health coaching, and delivers his own inspirational talks & motivational speeches throughout the year.

An Early Love for Technology

Scott Rose was featured in his local newspaper at the age of 13. (Glenview Announcements — Glenview, Illinois — June 20, 1985)

Scott started programming databases for businesses at the age of 12 years old in 1984, when he created a database system for the local video store in his neighborhood. At the time, Scott used the 1984 version of AppleWorks running on an Apple IIe computer.

One year later, at the age of 13 years old in 1985, Scott was selected to become the nation's youngest writer for Enter Magazine, a very popular 1980's computer magazine. 

In 1989, Scott attended UCLA (B.A. Psychology 1993), which is where ScottWorld was born. Scott used his psychology classes to study how people interacted with computers, and he realized that people were in desperate need of an easier way to manage all of their data. Scott dabbled with several different programming languages, but none of them truly captured his attention until the user-friendly FileMaker Pro came on the market.

Scott loved FileMaker Pro's simple interface & rapid development environment so much that he started programming databases for everyone that he knew, even friends & family members who didn't really want a database!

In 1992, Scott spent days walking door-to-door through the streets of Los Angeles, trying to find businesses who would want to use his computer programming services. This was an extremely hard sell at the time, considering that most businesses didn't even own computers back then, and this was about 8-10 years before the Internet became mainstream. But Scott's strategy paid off because businesses were intrigued with Scott's computer skills, and this became the start of ScottWorld.

Soon, Scott couldn't keep up with demand for his services, and his business has never stopped growing. Scott has now created hundreds of amazing FileMaker Pro databases for businesses worldwide. Scott is officially certified in every version of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Go.

In 2018, Scott discovered Airtable, a database platform that he loves as much as FileMaker Pro, and he has now added Airtable programming into ScottWorld’s portfolio of services.

Scott started professional speaking for Apple in the year 1999, and traveled around the country for 6 years with Steve Jobs and the Apple executive team. Scott spoke at all of Apple's major events, introducing several of Apple's new products to the public for the first time. Scott is now a highly sought-after professional speaker, and he speaks about the topics of technology, careers, liberty, and Bitcoin. 

Scott Rose in 2018


Working with Scott Rose of ScottWorld has absolutely changed our business for the better. Not only are their rates fair for the level of expertise we receive, but every project they have done for us has been done in record time and reduced the project estimate so much that we always feel like we are getting a fantastic deal. Their work is unparalleled in its excellence. ScottWorld’s professionalism, expertise, and artistic eye for creating our company’s software has proven to be a service that our company and clients benefit from on a daily basis. We are now more organized, efficient, and able to offer more doing less work, all because of the custom database system that ScottWorld has created for us in FileMaker Pro. I cannot recommend ScottWorld highly enough!
— Rayah Levy, Director & Founder of ArteQuesta.com
ScottWorld Client Since 2011